I have never seen the Paris July 14th firework, so when a good friend & very talented photographer told me that this year the firework would be fired directly from the Tour Eiffel (first time since 10 years) and that he knows a boat tour which would stop directly in front of the Tour Eiffel ... it was a most go. Only when leaving we received the first news from the terrible event in Nice and all magic stopped immediately .
Sticking out & ready for the storm to come
Who said tall guys & small cars don't match :-)
One of these late summer days in Paris ... everything looks so much better when the light gets the golden hour touch
The summer sadly ends, but for photographers fall is the period of the year when the colors "pop" :-)
Driving through the night in the City of Lights
Paris is grey, cold & rainy for the start of this weekend. Looks it will be like this full next week. Let's catch a plane & follow the summer sun :-) A great weekend to everybody.
The Red Square was at the top of my list in Moscow, but when I arrived it was completely closed off for the victory parade training. So a change of perspective was needed, go high when you can't go close :-)
Red Square Moscow in the rain
Blending historic symbols with modern status symbols in @Moscou
Normally I am rather a car guy ... but sometimes I do boats also. Well ... fast ones only :-)
Rush hour on a busy river (Bangkok 2012)
I wanted to take the photo of the young couple and framed it with the arch & the leading in foreground wall. Just when firing the shot I saw a quick blur in the frame, but only after I saw the final photo I realized it was a Llama hidden behind the wall which got curious by the noise I made & came to look what is happening ... perfect photo bomb :-)
Lonesome tree at a very famous place :)
Before the time of GPS one trick in war was to perfectly camouflage buildings like this old Inca fortress close to the famous Machu Picchu. You need to look very close to find it hidden in the mountains :-)
How does it feel to touch history & your own cultural roots ?
Just a test shot
Some buildings are easy recognizable even from the back. Little hint... you know this building in white for sure :-)
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