Seven hillsides overlooking the Rio Tejo create Lisbon's postcard-perfect panorama of cobbled alleyways, ancient ruins and white-domed cathedrals – a captivating view crafted over centuries.
From imposing São Jorge Castle, the view encompasses the old city’s pastel-colored buildings, Tagus Estuary and Ponte 25 de Abril suspension bridge.  The Moorish Alfama district has narrow, winding streets and taverns with fado singers. Chiado and its cafes, shopping and seafood restaurants adjoin Bairro Alto, known for nightlife. On the waterfront are the ornate 16th-century Jerónimos Monastery and Belém Tower.  Lisbon's seven hills are peppered across the cityscape like lofty guardians of color and history.
We will make as well a short visit to Sintra, the longtime royal sanctuary with its hills, forests and pastel-colored villas and palaces.
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